MSc Project: Crowd Simulation (Java)

I have completed an MSc  in Advanced Computer Science (awaiting results). I love throwing the “Advanced” bit in there all casual-like because I got “upgraded” and it made me feel special. I’m probably not quite worthy of the title, but I have learnt a lot and am enjoying myself so I’ll use it proudly 🙂

My dissertation topic was “AI- Based Crowd Simulation”, and it was an open ended project. The project(or corpus) was worked on by myself and three other students  over the course of roughly three months.

I was developed the agent behaviours and the behaviour system that used them. It was written in Java, using the libGDX framework.

Some features of the finished product:

  • Basic flocking rules (Reynolds)
  • More complex set of behaviours –  eg, Panic, Hunger.
  • Multi Species
  • Customisable behaviour for a species
  • Evolution of behaviour from an Evolutionary Algorithm
  • Initial simulation setup
  • Ability to place new animals and objects once simulation has begun.


highlighted are the animals in the same family group, all are the same species in this image.



zoomed in view of a herd of wildebeest changing course to avoid a hyena


You can download a zip of the project here


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