Ludum Dare 31 – “Entire Game on One Screen”

I decided to enter the Ludum Dare game jam this december – it’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a while, but never quite managed to make the time. The winning theme was a real difficult challenge for me, because it wasn’t really a theme, it was a technical constraint (at best). I chose Unity as my development tool, I had only begun learning unity a few weeks before so I wasn’t going to achieve anything too exotic.


After two false starts and most of Saturday daytime wasted I decided to throw away everything I had so far and start again! This happened to be the best idea I’d had, My idea was to create a simple enough match-3 game in 3D. Matches can be made by switching your cube with neighbouring cubes, and the entire cube can be rotated to match cubes on other sides.

The feedback I received was incredibly useful and really helped to solidify the weak spots for me. I wasn’t expecting much from the voting results when I entered, however I managed to get into the top #100 in the Innovation category!

Ludum Dare Entry Page – Game and source code available.

I would like to take this further and give it better win/lose conditions, audio and visuals, as I feel the underlying game idea was fairly enjoyable.




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